Black Listed Casinos

Blacklisted casinos are online casinos that have mistreated players and mishandled their money.

You should think twice, even three times before playing at any blacklisted casino.

The types of transgressions such casinos commit include confiscating players’ winnings and not responding to complaints. The safest way to avoid being ripped off at a blacklisted casino is, obviously, not to play there in the first place.

Online Casino Black List

# Casino

  1. Gala Casino
  2. Sierra Star Casino
  3. Royal Dice Online Casino
  4. Roulette69 Casino
  5. Mapau Casino
  6. Giant Vegas Casino
  7. 2winbet Casino

Know How To Avert Rogue Casinos

In the recent years we have a seen a splurge in online gambling across the globe. This growth is gaining momentum as more and more eager and enthusiastic gamblers are joining the bandwagon everyday. Amidst this enthusiasm and eagerness, there are a segment of online gambling predators watching every development and move. They leave no stone unturned to create the favorable environment for them to take advantage of gullible players who fail to realize these culprits are hiding in the dark and ready to strike out of nowhere. This means that out of the thousands or even as some estimate millions of websites available online only a few of them are licensed, reputable and legitimate trustworthy operations. There of late has been an increase in the number of rogue online casinos on the internet and so players who jump into this gambling arena rarely have the opportunity of not getting cheated of their money at the hands of these predators.

It is a common misconception that these rogue casinos steal your money. They do not only steal the funds you deposit into the casino but they also ensure they track and capture your personal financial information and identity. In short, they take everything you got. This is certainly not worth the risk. Now does that mean you need to leave risk taking and gambling? No, not at all! There are ways by which you can avert rogue casinos and stop becoming their unwilling prey. You just need to learn how to question everyone and everything involved in the online gambling industry. This is why you should make an attempt to look for a trusted online gambling guide that can give you valuable insight into these casinos.

Now, the first step to take is to select the ideal online casino to play in or check the casino guide you refer to. There are vital questions that need to be answered first before you start taking a particular online casino in your consideration.
You first need to check into whether the online casino is licensed or not. This important point will always be mentioned on the website of the online casino. Check the site and find its licensed details. If it is not on the website, than this is a bad sign. You will find that most high-quality gambling websites like will not suggest or even recommend online casino gambling websites that are not licensed. Besides their license online casinos should also display several regulating agencies that have audited them for practices in fair gaming. This is another significant feature that the team of checks when it comes to the recommendation of online casinos to visitors.

The second important question you need to ascertain is the platform that is deployed for the online casino. There are 6 major mainstream online casino software solutions that are reputed for their high quality gaming experience. They include RTG or Real Time Gaming, Microgaming, Rival Gaming, Vegas Technology, PlayTech and Top Game. Now, these gaming platforms do promise you a lot of features like a super gaming interface, excellent graphics, functionality and features however they do not indicate that the casino website is one that caters to ethical or integral standards. This means the above should not be the sole deciding factor to make a selection without considering the other criteria that has been mentioned herewith.

The next feature of the online software you should check into is its customer service. Is its customer service available through a number of contact features? It is very challenging for you to contact an online casino. There are several rogue casinos that will make it literally impossible for you to contact them. They will never list a phone option nor have a live chat feature. Those online casinos who do provide phone contacts will never answer your call and most of them time you will get a busy tone.

An exhaustive online gambling website will in reality have actually been in contact with every casino they feature. For instance the team has made several varied inquires with customer support at each of the casinos featured in their reputed gambling guide. A gambling guide that has not done this check cannot be trusted at all. In case you make the choice to choose a gambling website without a guide it is advised you should go in for one that asks for the smallest deposit. This will make you avoid landing at a rogue casino and losing out a sum of money to any predator.

The next feature you need to determine is how efficient the cashier or the banking is at the casino. Do they provide you with multiple deposit method schemes? Are there hidden costs for withdrawals or deposits? It is very important for you to ask questions that are related to banking. This is very critical for your financial well-being. In case, you have the slightest hesitation or a bad feeling about a specific online casino it is recommended not to share your personal financial information with them at all.
In case you change your mind and are willing to take the risk you should opt for a trusted platform like and consider opting for the e-wallet option that does not require you sharing your credit or debit card information directly with the casino at all. You can also be protected to a certain extent with a prepaid gift card or debit card. Before making any deposit into an online casino it is very important for you to review their withdrawal options and policies. It is obvious you do not wish to land up in a situation where it becomes easy to deposit and difficult to withdraw, do you?

You will find that many rogue casinos will deploy the above strategy. This implies it is easy to “check in” but extremely difficult for you to “check out” You should also read carefully fine print and check information about fees both the listed and hidden ones. This is another popular area where rogue casinos tend to take advantage of players. With regard to the banking practices it is advised for you to check on a trusted gambling guide with expertise in this area. Players should read more on deposits in a casino guide so that they are able to get trusted payment methods that are reliable too.

Another important factor you should take into account is your gut instinct. There are many players who often ignore their gut instinct. It is something you actually should never ignore. If you are not feeling right about something you should get out. Emotional responses are right ones and if you face one while browsing an online casino listen to it!

The next step you should determine is this online casino safe and secure for downloading? The software should not pose any serious threat to your computer. However, if you download a gaming software from a rogue casino there is a huge possibility of your computer receiving malware, spyware or even something worse. These types of attacks have been designed to extract personal financial information from your computer. They also are intended to get your internet history and file information. They are so smart that you will not even realize it till the day you walk into the bank and find your accounts wiped out and clean. To avoid the above, ensure you only play at those casinos that have been analyzed extensively and investigated by experts. Never make the mistake of banking on a rogue casino the results are disastrous!

From the above it is evident that there is not one single threat related to rogue casinos. None of them are easy to detect and clean up. There are so many entities that are anonymous that is becomes very difficult for you to track them down even if you contact the authorities. The bitter truth is if you have been victimized by a rogue casino there is nothing you can do about it.
This means prevention is better than cure and you should not become a victim of it in the first place. The first thing you should always remember is that such rogue casinos do not advertise their websites. They put on such an attractive font that the site becomes immensely appealing to players. This means you must be aware of the above and take help from a trusted and reliable casino online guide.

The online gambling guide you choose must extensively investigate the website. It is a review and gives you a clear picture of the inner workings of the website. This not only protects you but also gives you an idea on whether the specific online casino is in sync with your style of playing and preferences for the game. You must be aware of the online casino site so that you do not become a victim for your own fault. The above steps should be kept in mind. In short, last but not least BE SAFE!

Black Listed Casinos - The following listed online casinos are not recommended by us. playing at any of these casinos is risky and you should avoid it.

These casinos failed to meet with our minimum requirements from an online casino. to learn more about the requirements visit the how we rate page.

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