Zelle is a quick and easy way to send money through your mobile banking app. Simply pick a person to make a payment to, select the amount, and transfer the money through the Zelle app.

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Zelle is a trendy and exciting way to move money around in minutes. In just a few clicks, you can use your smartphone to transfer funds from you to your babysitter, your kids, friends, family, neighbour, or anyone else you like. Zelle makes it really easy to send money, or receive money, or request money online. To get started, you simply need to enter the email address of the recipient, the amount of funds you would like to send, and a note. Zelle processes transactions within minutes, and even if your credit union or your bank doesn’t offer these services, you can simply download the app for your iOS or Android device to get started.

How it Works

Zelle partners with the leading banks and credit unions. This makes it easy to transfer money back and forth, thanks to the existing banking infrastructure. Zelle is guaranteed safe and secure, and funds can be transferred from one bank account to another within minutes. Getting started is a breeze: simply download the app and browse the list of participating banks and credit unions. Once you’ve picked an appropriate bank, you can access the services of Zelle direct through your credit union or bank. Senders and receivers can transact seamlessly on the Zelle network. For recipients whose banks are not affiliated with Zelle, it’s quick and easy to download the app and then transfer the funds to a debit card. Newly registered clients are subject to lengthier processing times, for security purposes.

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