Wallet One

Wallet One is an e-wallet that is designed for both personal users and companies.

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Wallet One is a new online payment service that many online casinos are beginning to discover as a good method for allowing players to make deposits. Wallet One allows people from anywhere in the world to complete secure internet transactions; the service operates in 13 countries, works with 25,000 suppliers and 50,000 online shops, has 15,000 terminals, 500,000 upload locations, and 6 million customers.

Wallet One currently has two main offerings:

The basic Wallet One service allows for an individual's multi-currency account, P2P transactions, and offers easy methods for topping up and withdrawing. Transferring money can be a number of ways: by e-mail, phone, SWIFT, credit card, money transfer and more.

Other Wallet One services include password-protected transfers, payments planning, online support, and no fees on most transactions.

Users will also be pleased with the Wallet One app, available both on Android and iPhone, which offers flexible customization, payments, transfers, and currency exchanges.

Wallet One’s other main service is called Wallet One Checkout, and it is used mostly by online stores and online casinos. With Wallet One Checkout, companies can offer customers over 100 ways to make payments, straightforward tools for basic indicators and statistics, and a flexible system with differentiated commissions.

Coming Soon

As of this writing, Wallet One is developing two additional services: payment terminals all over the world that will provide a solution for international payment acceptance, and turnkey solutions for e-wallet, payment systems aggregator, electronic money, terminal and lottery projects.


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