Funding UMW is easily done via multiple sources including Debit Cards, Western Union money transfers

As far as e-Wallets go, UseMyWallet is peerless. This popular payments processing option is readily available at myriad online casinos. Players find this method to be both reliable and easy to use. Online casinos have been turning to UseMyWallet to process an ever-increasing number of transactions online.

Among others, UMW is 100% safe and secure, and it is affiliated with EcoCard. Many online casino enthusiasts are turning to UseMyWallet because it allows players from the USA to deposit and withdraw funds.

UseMyWallet features primarily as an online payment system that can be used to fund a variety of online casino accounts. This banking solution is also known by its other name – Quicktender – as they are one and same. The instant accessibility of funds that are transferred via UseMyWallet makes this a highly prized banking option for players. And it’s also the preferred option for punters at leading bookmakers and myriad online poker rooms too.

Multiple Participating Online Casinos

Funding UMW is easily done via multiple sources including Debit Cards, Western Union money transfers, Credit Cards and IBTs (International Bank Transfers). Many leading online casinos accept UseMyWallet as a payments processing option, and this bodes well with players the world over. Participating casinos include the likes of Club USA Casino, Lucky Red Casino, Casino Titan, Slots of Vegas, Rome Casino, Rushmore Casino and Win Palace Casino.Take note that membership to UseMyWallet is by invitation only.

This online banking method strives for the highest levels of safety and security in the e-Wallet industry. In spite of this, players can easily acquire an invitation by e-mailing any UseMyWallet online casino operator and requesting permission to open an account. An added benefit of this payments processing option lies in its multi-currency platform. Players can make deposits at all participating UseMyWallet casinos in Euros, British Pounds, Swiss Francs, New Israeli Shekels and USD.

Carving Out a Niche Market

The utility value offered by this e-Wallet is peerless. Players get to enjoy the highest levels of security online, the simplest user interface, the lowest charges on transferring money, and a wide variety of credible gaming sites. The only hindrance to easy accessibility to this e-Wallet, is the fact that it is by invitation only. But even that is easily obviated by contacting participating online casinos to request an invitation. UseMyWallet’s claim to fame is the fact that it caters to US online casino players.

In this vein, it is one of the few online payments processors that do provide banking solutions American players. The strict terms of the UIGEA have made it virtually impossible for the vast majority of payments processors to accommodate American players. Thus, UseMyWallet was able to carve a niche for itself thanks to restrictive regulation in the USA.