select your bank if you are using it for the first time otherwise when you have already linked your bank account with UseMyBank,enter the desired amount of the transaction in the popup window that opens...

UseMyBank is a very simplified and streamlined online banking system that provides cash transaction services by using its financial service providers. As the name itself literally clarifies, UseMyBank allows the business entities and online casinos to use and accept transactions from your bank. This implied that you can make transactions just like your bank account or credit / debit cards when the UseMyBank facilities are backing up your transaction behind the scene. The UseMyBank services Inc. was launched in 2002 in Toronto, Canada by Joseph.

How UseMyBank works

The sellers and business entities wanting to use UseMyBank services have to register with UseMyBank and pay for the services as it is not free for the sellers. But the buyers can freely use the service by simply registering with the UseMyBank. In order to fund your casino account with UseMyBank, you need to find a casino that partners with the UseMyBank and registers with that casino and link your bank account with the UseMyBank. Once you register with the casino, you can proceed to the cashier page and select the UseMyBank button to initiate your payment. You have to select your bank if you are using it for the first time otherwise when you have already linked your bank account with UseMyBank, you need to enter only the desired amount of any such transaction in the popup window that opens when you click to fund your account using UseMyBank option.
The information regarding the buyers is confirmed using the email verification methods. The personal and other financial information of the buyers is not shared with the seller making it a secure and easy system. It takes less than five minutes to complete your transaction, and the seller is instantly notified online in real time.

The service can be only used to make deposits into your casino account, and can’t be used to withdraw funds out of the casino account. Thus when funding your account with UseMyBank, you need another method to withdraw your funds after all you are playing casino to win. Another important point to note is that only English language is supported by UseMyBank.

UseMyBank Advantages

As compared with other online transaction systems, UseMyBank offers lower risk factors and free method to transfer your funds. You can also easily and conveniently link your bank account to the online casino that you like to play at. The security, and reliability are definitely unmatched and with such an ease of transferring your funds. The banks proven infrastructure is used to make a very safe and secure transaction. The simplicity like online banking makes the user easily use the transaction services of UseMyBank. Despite offering online banking like facility, the UseMyBank transaction system doesn’t provide any personal and financial information of the user to the third party seller such as the casinos, proving a very high level of privacy and security to the user.

The funds are transferred instantly by UseMyBank so that there is no waiting period, and your funds are immediately available to your funds allowing you to start playing your games within minutes of your funds transfer.


UseMyBank is certainly one of the best methods of payment that is currently available. It has become extremely popular because of the involved security with simplicity. Unfortunately, this method of online transfer of money is not available in the USA; other country buyers can enjoy this popular mode of transaction, which has established itself for the reliability and trust. Day by day, more casinos are becoming UseMyBank ready to offer the user a very secure and easy method of funding their casino accounts.