Make online payments without sharing your personal info every time.

TillCARD is a convenient payment method for online transactions used mostly by players from Turkey. It is easy to use and provides a level of improved security between the customer and the vendor with the use of unique codes.

How it works

The option is very similar to a prepaid card and customers can create an account with TillCARD on the website and add funds to it. A mobile phone number is required and will be verified before the account can be used.

Once the TillCARD account has been set up, users can request unique codes which can be entered at the vendor. As a result, there is no need to share personal information when making payments and amounts can go up to 7,500 Turkish liras for each code.

Where it is available

TillCARD can be found at many online websites but it focuses mostly on the Turkish market, with the website actually only being available in this language.

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