Smith & Smith

Smith & Smith is a Romanian money transfer company that provides secure online money transfers, home delivery payments, and cash transfers worldwide.

Smith & Smith is a money transfer company that is popular in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. It provides secure online money transfers, home delivery payments, and their most popular service, cash transfers worldwide. Smith & Smith was established in 1999 and authorized by the BNR bank as a payment institution in 2011.

Online Money Transfers

Customers can use Smith & Smith’s online transfer platform in order to send money from their bank accounts or credit cards directly, without the need to go through an agency. Transfers can be made to personal accounts, business accounts, online shopping, online casinos, and more. Transactions can be completed 24/7, on desktop or mobile device. To complete online money transfers, all consumers need to do is create an account on the Smith & Smith website.

Payment Networks

Smith & Smith’s payment networks consist of 55 Smith & Smith agencies, 650 agencies of their agents, and more than 100,000 worldwide access points belonging to over 40 international partners.


In 2007, Smith & Smith became an agent for MoneyGram, a leading global money transfer company with over 300,000 locations in 191 countries and territories. Cash transferred using Moneygram can be delivered in euro, US dollars, British pounds, and Romanian Leu.

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