Check out the latest payment methods from Scotia Bank and enjoy extraordinary features and privileges

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Scotiabank was one of the first Canadian banks, founded in 1832 in Halifax and almost 2 centuries later it serves in excess of 20 million customers. Their reputation precedes them and the three newly introduced payment methods offer unique advantages, while meeting the expectations of online casino players.

Scotiabank Gold American Express Card

Those who travel a lot and also gamble over the Internet, will enjoy the best of both worlds when signing up for this credit card. They can fast-forward to their next adventure and earn amazing travel benefits, including comprehensive travel insurance. They also qualify for all the additional privileges and features specific to this credit card, while paying tiny fees.

Forget About Annual Fees with Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite

This credit card has the reputation of offering the maximum cash back on daily spending, which makes it an excellent choice for those who love shopping. All purchases are eligible for a 1% cashback, while recurring bill payments will trigger a reimbursement of 2%. Every day expenses are eligible for a full 4% cashback, while the VISA payWave technology makes it easier than ever to check out online.

Unlock Free Movies with SCENE VISA Card

Scotiabank has always been at the forefront of innovation and they are experts at improving customer retention. The SCENE VISA Card provides the incentive to accumulate the necessary bonus points to unlock free movies as well as many other music and entertainment rewards. The unmatched convenience of the VISA payWave and the eligibility for My Mobile Wallet makes this payment method irresistible.

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