PurplePay is an online payment solution that generates a unique code for each transaction. This code can then be used to redeem the vouchers at thousands of merchants including online casinos.

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PurplePay is an online voucher system where customers create a new voucher for specific merchants and redeem them without needing to enter card or personal details each time. An increasing number of online casinos are now welcoming payments via this simple to use system.

How To Use PurplePay

Customers purchase PurplePay vouchers online using credit or debit cards. There are no hidden costs involved, so €100 spent will buy a €100 voucher and the merchant will receive the full amount as well.

These are single-use vouchers, which can only be used in full at the merchant they have been purchased for. The advantage is that customers only need to enter details of their cards at PurplePay, so there is no requirement to keep passing that information on to the retailers, casinos or other sites.

When a voucher is purchased, a 19-digit code is created, which can be used at physical stores or entered online at the thousands of retailers who now accept them. The codes are securely generated and only available to the customer who bought them. Once they are at their chosen merchant, they are prompted to enter their code and the account will be credited with the amount on the voucher.

A voucher is valid for a month, although if it is not redeemed within 48 hours, the funds are returned to the customers' account. The PIN code generated is for a single transaction, while PurplePay estimate that vouchers can be bought and are valid within about 15 seconds.

Other services include online bank transfers and mobile payment solutions.