A safe and legit payment method mostly used in Ukraine and Russia that makes internet banking as easy as it can be.

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Privat24 is an internet bank that provides access to the accounts around the clock and makes it very easy to make online payments and transfer funds around the world. The main markets are Russia and Ukraine.

How It Works

Customers can easily create an account at in perfect security conditions. The payment method is easily usable from mobile devices so a phone number is needed to register and then log in on the site. Once everything is settled, bank accounts can be linked to Privat24 in order to have easy access to the funds at all times.

From here, it is possible to pay utility bills at specific companies, transfer money to Visa or MasterCard cards or by WesternUnion, LiqPay and PrivatMoney. The phone app can be downloaded for free on smartphones running Android or iOS.


With the internet banking services, users can use Privat24 to always control the movement of funds in the linked bank accounts. All of the mobile operators in Ukraine accept it is a payment method and recurrent utility payments can be resolved with just a few clicks.

Another popular service is the option to open a savings account with good rates and manage it over the internet, with no hassle.

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