Pay your way with PayWay online payments, a premier internet-based solution to manage transactions.

PayWay is a straightforward, safe and secure, web-based payment solution that is being used in online gambling. Based out of Australia, PayWay is growing in popularity because of its diverse range of supporting transaction methods. It supports credit cards, direct debit, BPAY and Australia Post payments. This in turn enables players to make deposits into their online casino or sportsbook accounts over the counter, online or by mobile device. 

There are numerous benefits when using PayWay, but the most important has to be the instant reporting. Merchants and players alike get full reports the instant the payment is made, as transactions are authorized in real-time. Credit card settlements are also made the same day for Visa, MasterCard and eftpost. The transparency that PayWay offers is second to none and users of the solution will have instant access to all PayWay payment data on the internet, an easy search tool to help locate all transactions, flexible setup, minimal tech costs and security held by Westpac.

PayWay can be used to make mobile payments at mobile casinos too with the mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Online brands will benefit most from the solution and there are a number of reasons why. PayWay API allows for processing of credit card payments in real-time directly from exiting front-end systems, unique PayWay Payment Cards which are safe and can be branded with a business logo, PayWay Phone for quick payments via credit card, PayWay Net the online payment solution and a number of additional solutions.  

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