PaySec is an Asian-based online payment service that offers clients a range of convenient methods across the fastest-growing markets

Currently covering China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, the PaySec online payments service makes it easier for customers and clients to transfer funds in a range of convenient and localised ways.

Different Solutions For Different Markets

With such as rapid growth in online payments taking place across Asian, and countries evolving at different rates, PaySec has developed apps that give access to variety of solutions for each territory. Malaysian customers can use the EasyPay bank transfer system, while in China, local bank transfers, the Alipay digital wallet and WeChatPay are all available. There's currently over 300 million payment accounts linked to WeChatPay and 450 million Alipay users. 

How It Works

PaySec aggregates these payment services for their clients, offering reliable and secure technological solutions with the most appropriate methods for each area that the client covers. Online merchants, gambling sites, travel companies and forex services all use PaySec to give their customers the best choice of payment options. 

Clients wishing to set up with PaySec will need to apply to use the service and will then be given a unique API to integrate into their websites. They aim to process applications within seven days and once testing is completed, clients can offer their service to customers.An English-speaking merchant support team are on hand 24/7 to deal with any queries about PaySec.