Octopay is a pre-paid card that can be used at many online merchants, inlcuding gambling sites, with no need to reveal any financial details.

Otopay offers a pre-paid card that can be used at thousands of online merchants including many gambling sites, without users needing to reveal sensitive financial information. Based in Malta, the company has been running for over 10 years and the number of resellers and merchants who accept Otopay is rapidly growing.

Easy Ways To An Otopay Card 

Otopay works in a similar way to other pre-paid cards, with customers visiting shops, garages or any other reseller and purchasing a card for a set value. These merchants will display the Otopay sign, so it's easier to find a local agent, or the cards can be bought online.

Once the payment has been made, users get a card with a unique 19-digit code and a 4-digit security code. The face value is always the same as the amount paid by the customer, so anyone spending €20 on an Otopay card will be able to spend €20, with the merchant absorbing any fees.

How To Spend Using Otopay

While many online gambling sites accept Otopay, there's lots of other merchants, both on the internet and physical outlets where the card can be used.

All that customers need to do is enter the codes and because they have already purchased the card, their payments are guaranteed to be approved.

There's no need to give out personal details, bank card information or anything else, making this solution ideal for those who like their privacy, while there's no risk of going over any limits, as the amount on the card is the maximum that can be spent.