OchaPay is a highly secure and private e-money service that allows players to make quick payments.

OchaPay is another secure and highly reliable service that online gambling website players can use to make quick and efficient payments. OchaPay can be used for a number of payments including for online gaming, social media, music films and other entertainment options or online gambling to name just a few. It is an appreciated banking system due to its simplicity as well as the high degree of safety and privacy it offers.

How it works

OchaPay allows players to purchase a one-time usable voucher which can be then used to pay for services without supplying a bank account or other forms of identification. The service allows users to have much more control when it comes to making secure payments while also giving them complete privacy when handling more delicate transactions.

The service also offers a virtual card system that works identically like the voucher payment but allows users more flexibility and quicker control when it comes to providing numerous payments. It is called MyOchaPay and can be accessed for free by simply registering on OchaPay’s official website. Once registered, the service can be used to make payments at any online retailer that accepts OchaPay.

Using OchaPay

OchaPay offers an extremely user-friendly service which can be used by online gambling users with no prior experience in making online payments. As a consequence, the service is growing in popularity and is becoming an accepted method of payment for numerous online casinos and other online gambling websites. The website also offers an in-website email service for users or potential users that need to get in touch with customer service representatives.

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