myCitadel uses a few convenient deposit methods such as real time bank transfer in EU countries, direct bank deposits and funds transfer through credit and debit cards...

MyCitadel is rather new online casino payment system launched from the Citadel Commerce Electronic Check Cashing System. MyCitadel provides the user's wallet that can be funded by bank transfer, and the users can send as well as receive payments to their MyCitadel wallet.

The users of MyCitadel e-wallet can transfer funds instantly to any merchant or online business entity that is offered or accepting transactions using the MyCitadel payment system. This is certainly suitable for funding the gambler's online casino accounts as the personal and financial information of the user simply stays with the MyCitadel account and not provided to any third party merchant or casino.

How does myCitadel Work?

MyCitadel allows the users to directly place the funds to their MyCitadel wallet by transferring funds from their banks and other financial entities. The funds in their wallet can also be transferred to respective banks or any financial institution by the residents of the US and Canada.

The round-the-clock customer support is provided to the users of the MyCitadel through live online chat and toll-free phone to the residents of the US and Canada. The clients can store real money to all their affiliates online websites. The users can visit and create their account quickly through a very fast and efficient process.

Many sellers oriented services are also provided by the MyCitadel wallet system. The MyCitadel system provides a built in fund guarantee which boosts the confidence of the seller and leads to instant client acquisition. The funds’ guarantee prices are varied in order to minimize the overall costs of the service. The MyCitadel’s exclusive funds guarantee allows the seller to give their customers immediate access to their funds.

The users of MyCitadel can avail their special feature called SecureSwipe that lets the members immediately transfer the funds from their bank account in a very secure way to the MyCitadel e-wallet. Just like the ATM cards, the members can swipe the cards entering the PIN number and carry on the transactions. Funds are immediately transferred to their MyCitadel e-wallet. This allows them to instantly use their e-wallet money for online transaction.

The same encryption standards are used as in worldwide ATMs in all the SecureSwipe device encryption. To secure the sensitive personal information of the users and safety requirements, it has been made totally compliant with cutting-edge security standards. The data is encrypted and transmitted over SSL protocol through secure server tunneling.

myCitadel Pros and Cons

By using myCitadel, the users can send payments or deposit funds without sharing any personal and financial information to any third party. Even in case the recipient doesn’t have myCitadel e-wallet, the users can still send funds to their friends and families. From just within a few minutes, the recipient can sign up myCitadel wallet and use instant funding mechanism to instantly deposit the cash and start shopping.

myCitadel uses a number of convenient deposit methods such as real time bank transfer in EU countries, direct bank deposits and funds transfer through credit and debit cards. The funds can be withdrawn using bank transfer within EU countries, direct bank deposit and paper checks.

Besides providing complete protection against any fraudulent payments from your account, the myCitadel rewards their users with Citadel points, which can be exchanged with great prizes.