Pay with cash online with a simple click at top gambling sites in France.

MoneyClic is an online payment solution that is perfect for many online gambling sites in France and in other locations around Europe. The service offers security, freedom and privacy when making online transactions when using MoneyClic cards. To get one of these unique cards one must first buy a card at more than 20,000 points of sale. Once purchased, you'll receive a pin code and you will be able to charge the card with amounts of €10, €20, €50 or €100. Payment can be made at dozens of sites and the pool is constantly growing as more and more merchants take notice of this preferred payment method. 

Using a MoneyClic card ensures ones security and privacy, as no bank information is needed and transactions are completely anonymous. Users and merchants can track their purchases and sales with the ability to instantly check balances and transaction history.The card will also entitle users to a number of bonus offers, vouchers and offers from many of their merchant sites. 

There is a round the clock service team that are available to field any issues, how ever unlikely, when using the cards. Online payments are all tracked by the MoneyClic team and they are able to find all information regarding all transactions in no time. 

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