MBNet doesn’t give personal information, including real card numbers to any third party or vendors to avoid any chances of misuse...

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You should search for online casinos that offer MBNet as one of their payment methods if you are looking for a live online casino that you can funds using MBNet and withdraw your winnings. MBNet is the payment option available to residents of Portugal. The unique payment option with a network of more than 25 banks is available to the residents of Portugal, and they can use the facilities of such a big network with one card for online transactions. The MBNet services link various banks of Portugal as one entity, allowing the users to access their funds across the ATMs around Portugal. With the linked cards, the websites and retailers have a very broad-based channel for online transactions, and the users find their cards supported by almost all the retailers and websites.

MBNet was launched way back in 1985 when 12 ATMs were linked in Portugal and now its reputation has grown over to encompass a massive number of 11,000 machines across the Portugal joining the entire financial nerves of Portugal when it comes to accessing the money. The online transaction service is provided by MBNet in collaboration with MBNet, and a virtual credit card is created for the account holder. The account holders can use any of the two methods to fund their casino accounts or other internet transactions.

The individual banks of Portugal issue these virtual cards and for successful funding, the casinos need to include these cards as their payment methods. The virtual cards can be Visa, MasterCard or American Express depending on the particular bank. These virtual cards work exactly like regular cards and withdrawals are credited to like any normal cards.

The users need to set up their virtual cards by logging into the MBNet website. After setting up the virtual cards and entering the required amounts the users are given a security code that is mandatory for completing any transaction. The card is valid for one month at a time and limited to the mentioned amount for a single transaction.

This provides added security for account holders, and users can’t be subject to extra charges even if somebody gains access to their card numbers. The MBNet also doesn’t give personal information, including real card numbers to any third party or vendors to avoid any chances of fraud and misuse. The MBNet doesn’t require you to register for using the services, but it’s entirely your choice to go online or visit the ATMs personally.

Most of the websites and online casinos offer MBNet as one of their payment options and don’t have any minimum limit. However, in some cases there is $25 USD minimum limit for any transaction and the current exchange rate is applied when any such transactions are processed. The retailer websites are casinos don’t charge any transaction fee but in most cases, the individual banks do charge, and you should do some research before initiating any such transactions.

When any problem arises while using MBNet online transaction, as the standard procedure, you need to first contact the individual bank. When the individual banks fail to resolve the issue within normal business hours, you can fill out the support form from the MBNEr website which operates 24 /7 to provide customer support. You can also give a phone call from Portugal at 808-201-251 or 217-813-080 and from abroad at 00-351-217-813-080.

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