LiqPay is an online payment processor that is used by many high-profile sites to accept money from their customers.

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Online merchants, including such famous sites as World of Tanks and many online casinos, are now using LiqPay to process payments from their customers. Available for business and personal use, LiqPay is a Ukrainian based operation that allows people to send Visa or MasterCard payments.

How It Works

Individuals, or online merchants can set up a LiqPay account, and without needing to register with the credit card companies, they can accept payments automatically. Online invoices can be sent to customers which can be paid either through email, or even via  SMS mobile phone services. It's particularly suitable for small businesses who do not have the time or resources to set up their own payment services, and with LiqPay there is no need to register with Visa or MasterCard, as all the work is done for them.

By setting up their own mobile app, merchants can arrange for customers to transfer money over their mobiles for secure, non-cash payments, without any requirement for sensitive financial details to be shared with either the website or any other third party.

Customers can even pay in instalments using LiqPay services if the merchant so desires, and with certain methods, there can even be a loyalty bonus scheme integrated into the merchants website.

Flexible and convenient, LiqPay is becoming widely accepted across the Ukraine and beyond. 






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