Linea Abierta

La Caixa is indeed a very big financial network of Spain with 6000 branches and 10,000 ATMs catering to the financial needs of more than 13 million customers. It is the leader of online banking through Linea Abierta catering more than 8.6 million customers and more than 2.6 million users of mobile banking. Leading the electronic banking, it boasts off with 12.5 million cards in circulation. Even though it provides banking facility indirectly through CaixaBank, It has the highest number of financial service users in Spain. For more information, you can visit the website.

La Caixa is offering a payment management system to its suppliers as CaixaConfirming. The suppliers get notified regarding payment orders, and thus they have the option of arranging the payments in advance and don’t have to recourse to non payment due to non availability of funds. The entire operations are managed through paperless system.

The internet banking service offered by La Caixa is termed as Linea Abierta.

The invoice issued to the customers are included along with the information in the payment notifications to the suppliers.
The six figure numerical code is the confidential code sent exclusively for your use.

You should give the telephone number and email of the invoice collection and management department of your Company. This will make sure and easier if they need to contact you.
The users can also get information regarding advancing the payments pending from CaixaConfirming, payments already received, invoices sent to the customers and the details of the invoice for services offered by La Caixa, including Linea Abierta.

You can contact the CaixaConfirming Customer Care Centre at:

902 113 631 From Spain
+34 93 513 31 81 From the other countries outside Spain.
Available from 8am to 19pm.