Laser cards on co-branding with Maestro are widely accepted by many websites, and don’t have any maximum transaction limit...

You need to search for online live casinos that offer Laser as one of their payment methods if you are from Ireland and looking for a live casino that you can fund and withdraw using Laser. The Laser cards are very popular in Ireland and function just like normal credit and debit cards for online transactions. However, they are not as much popular among the websites outside the territory of Ireland. This is resolved by co-branding with Maestro that makes them more acceptable option among a number of websites across the boundaries for online transactions.

Many people do need online transactions but generally lack an instant means of transaction. Most of the citizens of Ireland and European residents residing in Ireland do have at least one of these two cards but don’t realize that they can use these cards for online transactions. The Laser / Maestro Co-branded cards have a very wide acceptance, and most of the websites offer online transactions using them. The acceptance of such cards is denoted by the logo on the payment options page.

Laser cards were introduced way back in 1996, and these cards are predominantly used in Ireland Republic and issued by a number of banking institutions. The Laser cards on co-branding with Maestro are widely accepted by different websites, and they don’t have any maximum transaction limit. These cards also have a unique feature of cash back, which is normally not found in other debit cards.


Instant deposits
Withdrawal options are also available.
Online banking allows viewing transaction statements.
Very Easy to use

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