iWallet is a flexible transaction service that is available for players and merchants in a number of jurisdictions.

iWallet Limited is a facilitator of comprehensive online payment transactions for a number of business models. Available in most countries around the world, (currently no Hong Kong or USA), iWallet is at the forefront of the online micro-transaction game and has offices in Europe, the Philippines and elsewhere with a growing team of professionals that work hard, and have the experience to make this system work for you. 

iWallet allows for fast payments with absolutely no commission charge. It costs absolutely nothing to open, nor to maintain an account and iWallet offers competitive fees for other services needed.

The service uses the leading security technology and guarantees a completely safe surrounding to conduct all transactions. Users can open an account without providing any personal identification details, meaning that the service is anonymous and personal details are not stored anywhere. In addition, players and operators can take advantage of their foreign currency exchange services, and their convenient deposit and withdrawal services in real time. It is currently available for 7 currencies. 

Merchants can use the card to save time and money, as bulk transactions are available. The card that iWallet offers can be used around the world at over one million ATM machines. Customer support is also supported to ensure that no problem or issue goes unaddressed. 

All transaction details are available to users at all times, as iWallet believes and ensures 100% transparency. Players can top up their online accounts or their cards with no service charges and the no wait time means you wont miss out on a second of iGaming.

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