Online gambling sites with an Interkassa cashier will let you choose from more than 50 different international payment methods.

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Interkassa essentially functions as an online payment facilitator, connecting customers with more than 50 different payment methods from all over the globe. Familiar payment providers will include the likes of VISA, MasterCard, WebMoney, and QIWI.

Linked with 50+ Payment Providers

Although rising to prominence as a payment processor in the online gambling industry, Interkassa is perhaps of greatest benefit to operators rather than customers. An online gambling operator can set up a single payment gateway with Interkassa and have access to more than 50 different payment providers. The alternative would have been to establish relationships with the 50 different providers.

The Customer Experience

Customers will appreciate Interkassa because it increases the range of their payment options compared to online gambling operators that partner with a dozen payment providers. The customer simply accesses the Interkassa cashier via their preferred site before choosing their deposit value and payment method. Interkassa generally charges a commission fee of approximately 3% on most deposits. Check with Interkassa when signing up for the complete terms and conditions.

Founded in the Ukraine

Interkassa has grown quickly after setting up in the Ukraine, now providing regional support for countless countries from all over the globe. Going back a couple of years, Interkassa was only partnered with some 15 payment providers.

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