Fullcarga is an electronic payment platform based in Spain which offers an easy and safe payment system players the world over.

Fullcarga is an electronic payment platform that can be used by Peruvian players for their gambling related banking needs as well as a number of other electronic payments. The company is based in Getxo, Spain and offers extremely easy to use services with a high degree of safety and efficiency. Their technology is among the most advanced in the electronic transactions field, guaranteeing excellent service.

How it works

Fullcarga offers telecommunication services and has become a household name in the countries it operates due to its solid electronic online recharge system. Users can recharge their phone by simple specifying their mobile number, their operator and the specific amount they want to recharge. Once the transaction is complete, Fullcarga confirms the succesful recharge while the operator will deliver a voucher.

Fullcarge can also be used for online gambling banking systems due to its highly reliable and easy to use system. Their telecommunication services allow an easy and highly efficient way of making electronic transactions from and to just about anywhere in the world. Their system is highly secure; guaranteeing that all funds sent via Fullcarga will reach their destination without any potential risks. All this makes them a good banking option for online casinos and other gambling websites.

Using Fullcarga

Fullcarga users can expect a 24/7 support system that will help them resolve any potential issues they may be facing. Fullcarga also offers a series of promotions for its users that can make this already useful electronic payment platform even more convenient. It also offers a series of marketing, advertising and sales tools.

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