The Flexepin voucher is a payment soloution open to Australian and Canadian residents that can be used to make a wide range of online purchases, including making deposits at casinos.

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Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers are a simple way to send guaranteed payments to a wide range of online merchants and service providers, including many online casinos. Available in Australia and Canada, but being rolled out across more territories, it's a secure pre-paid solution accepted at an increasing number of online merchants.

How Flexepin Works

Users can buy Flexepin vouchers either at stores or online merchants, paying for them with cash, cards or other approved methods. Each Flexepin voucher has a unique 16-digit code printed on it and then can be redeemed online, when customers choose Flexepin as their payment method, enter the code and their purchase is then automatically approved.

Unlike many similar voucher systems, customers are limited to the number they have at once, and the maximum value of each, with a $5,000 cap at any one time. Users should also be aware that like all online vouchers, there are dates by which each must be used, or fees will be applied.

The Advantages Of Flexepin

Once a voucher has been bought and paid for, the subsequent online transaction is guaranteed to be approved. Using vouchers also means that potentially sensitive financial details won't be needed, although in the case of an online casino, winnings can't be returned to a Flexepin voucher, so an alternative method will have to be set up.

There are no user fees attached to a Flexepin voucher, so a $20 purchase is worth $20 online. Other advantages include the security of not being linked to any bank account or card.




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