As far as electronic wallets go, eWalletXpress ranks atop a pile.

eWalletXpress features as the preferred banking option for many players at online casinos. Ease of deposits and quick-and-easy withdrawals form the bedrock of this particular payments processing method. A multitude of online casinos employ the services of eWalletXpress, including the likes of Rushmore Casino, Rome Casino and Club USA Casino.

Online casino players tend to prefer this option above many others, owing to its reliability, security and speed of transactions processing. Players can enjoy complete control over their online casino accounts, by way of safe and secure deposits and withdrawals over the Internet. Myriad online casino brands are covered by eWalletXpress, and this bodes well for online players around the world. Three particular benefits available to players include the easy accessibility, the high degree of personal control over accounts and the low attendance fees of eWalletXpress.

The World’s Favourite Electronic Wallet: eWalletXpress

As far as electronic wallets go, eWalletXpress ranks atop a pile. Players regularly attest to the high-quality nature of this payments processing method. As stated previously, many of the world's leading online casinos, online poker rooms and online bingo rooms provide players with access to this banking method. It is 100% safe and secure. Funding this particular banking option is a simple process.

Online casino players can select transfers from checking accounts, bank wires, money orders and the like. Further, this banking option also supported USA players, until November 2010. An added benefit to using this method is that it caters to players around the world, with multilingual support. Supported languages include French, Spanish and of course English. Fans of eWalletXpress tout the helpful and readily available customer support services, and all the safeguards that are in place.

Getting started is a snap. All that's required is a quick and easy registration at the eWalletXpress website. And the next step is selecting a participating online casino and/or poker room. Players need to simply select how much they wish to deposit and then the gaming starts in earnest. As one of the most widely used and popular payment methods, for online casino transactions, eWalletXpress is internationally respected.

Multiple deposit methods are accepted by this payment processor, and there is a monthly purchase limit of US$5,000. The terms and conditions of the UIGEA have declared this payments processing method closed to USA players, but it is still available to players around the world. After a short processing time by the merchant, the online player's account is immediately credited and can be viewed on your personal account page. There are zero charges for withdrawal of funds from merchant accounts.