EMPcorp is a Luxembourg-based payment service provider that caters to international clients with top-quality payment solutions.

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EMPcorp is a worldwide payment service provider that offers payments solutions, fraud protection, account management, PC and mobile processing - all at competitive rates. What sets this provider apart from others is its focus on fraud protection and account management, all of which are done by staff members who have over 10 years of experience in the field.


EMPcorp has designed payment solutions that guarantee maximum sales conversion. Their products come along with a fully integrated risk-management platform that minimizes potential online risks and maximizes online profits.

Here are some of their products:

E-Pro: This payment solutions gives merchants fast online integration and secure payment gateways, and is backed by a team of professional programmers. It is a great platform for e-commerce sites, and is able to meet even the most strict standards and requirements.

Prepaid Services: This service is geared towards a diverse range of industries, offering full turn-key and customized solutions. When customers combine Prepaid Cards with EMPcorp's proprietary software, they can increase efficiency and save on overhead costs.

MyWallet: This is EMPcorp’s version of an e-wallet, which allows users to make deposits and purchases, and works with thousands of websites.

Back-office: EMPcorp’s back office gives merchants real-time reports of their online activity, in addition to payment processing. The reports include notifications about transaction results so that merchants can see immediately which payments have been completed.

Customer Support
EMPcorp promises immediate responses when customers call or email them. The office is based in Luxembourg but the company caters to international clients.



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