Discover Card

Discover Cards are held by nearly 50 million US customers. With the promise of rewards and security, this card is a smart choice for online gambling.

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Discover is a financial services company that primarily operates in the US, where approximately 50 million users have Discover credit cards. A range of other services is offered by Discover, but the provider’s credit cards are most relevant for online gambling.

Claim Cashback

When depositing with a Discover Card, there will be 1% cashback awarded on every purchase. That rate can then be as high as 5% depending on the type of transaction and the current time of the year.

Air Miles

The second type of reward offered to Discover customers is air miles. Every dollar spent with a Discover Card will be rewarded with an air miles rate of 1.5x. Generously, new customers will benefit from a higher 2x rate during the first year. Air miles can be exchanged for flights or cash.

Deposit Securely

You should always feel safe when making deposits for online gambling. Therefore, it is great to learn that Discover will never hold you responsible for unauthorised payments that were made with your credit card. In the unlikely event that a cyber criminal does make a purchase with your card, Discover will replace it overnight in the US, giving you peace of mind. All purchases are monitored for the purpose of early fraud detection.

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