Cuenta Digital

Coming from Argentina is Cuenta Digital, a web-based payment method that is now internationally available and popular with Spanish speakers.

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Cuenta Digital was established in 2004 for the purpose of simplifying the digital e-commerce experience. The brand is now suitable as a payment method for a growing number of online casinos, although the focus is predominantly on Spanish-speaking markets. However, Cuenta Digital has updated its website to offer a beta version for English-speaking users.

New Accounts

Creating a new account with Cuenta comes at no cost, which is in line with most alternative payment methods. In addition, there are now monthly maintenance charges on personal accounts, but there are for users with seller accounts.

Adding Funds

Cuenta Digital has developed a wide network of relationships among financial institutions. As a result, users have a long list of choices for adding funds. Included among the options are the likes of RIPSA, PAGO, Formo, and a number of others.

Committed to Security

Digital payment solutions companies like Cuenta Digital have to demonstrate a resolute commitment to maximising security and promoting trust among their users. In an attempt to foster such trust, Cuenta Digital has sought out and implemented an SSL secure payment system from financial security experts Thawte. The company is also compliant with PCI DSS for the purpose of maintaining security data standards.

Future Growth Expected

Cuenta Digital is headquartered in Buenos Aries, capital city of Argentina. Within just a decade of operations, Cuenta Digital managed to develop operations in 57 countries, with more targeted in the future. As the brand continues to develop, bettors in the online gambling industry can expect to encounter this digital payment method with greater frequency.

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