CASHlib is a no card, no bank online payments system. This prepaid card voucher system allows users to conduct online banking without revealing any sensitive banking information. It is supported by many online, and land-based merchants around the world.

CASHlib offers a complete and secure solution to online money transfers. Users are not required to reveal any sensitive information such as bank account details or credit card/debit card numbers. Even if a CASHlib voucher is lost, no hacking of data is possible. Since it is a voucher-based payment method, no repeat payments are possible and all spending activity can easily be controlled.

Benefits of Using CASHlib

CASHlib is a secure way to transfer money online. Since no personally identifiable information is shared on the web, users are not at risk of being hacked or having money stolen from them. Money transfers of up to €250 per voucher are possible with the CASHlib payment method. The CASHlib voucher system allows users to make up to €1,000 in transfers by simply combining multiple vouchers.

CASHlib does not require any registration, and there is no waiting time for money transfers to be completed. Further, users have full access to account information such as a complete transactions history and available balances. Full compatibility with EMPCORP products is possible including top-ups of Cblib prepaid MasterCards.

Applications for CASHlib Vouchers

CASHlib Vouchers can be used at a wide range of e-commerce sites, online banking applications, and online gaming platforms.