CardPay provides a service to companies looking to accept online payments by Visa, MasterCard or UnionPay.

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CardPay provides a service to online businesses that allows them to accept Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay online payments. Running since 2009, CardPay operates from centres in the Russian Federation, Cyprus and Malaysia, and is fully licensed to provide financial services across Europe and worldwide.

How CardPay Operates

Companies that wish to accept credit and debit card payments can sign up to CardPay and have the processing, card issuing and accounting done for them. CardPay also helps their customers to deal with any regulations in an ever-changing online payments environment.

Customised solutions for each client are designed to grow their business, with each customer able to accept a wider range of payment solutions online, giving end users a greater choice when it comes to paying for goods and services.

CardPay Online Payment Gateway

The company is a principle member of major credit and debit card payment systems, and their gateway allows fast, secure and trouble-free processing of transactions, to the mutual benefit of clients and their customers alike. Hosted payment pages take customers to a CardPay branded section, or clients can choose to set up an external page which keeps the customer on their own website.

E-Commerce Services

Flexible solutions provide clients with a number of ways to integrate payments into their systems, such as direct API and plug-ins for a variety of Content Management Systems. Test tools are available to ensure that everything works smoothly before going live, and 24/7 support is provided to ensure that all clients are able to call on expert help as and when needed.



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