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Bitfinex is one of the world's largest cryptocurrency trading platforms, and it is also one of the most advanced. Since 2012 Bitfinex has been offering it's state-of-the-art platform to digital currency traders and global liquidity providers, and now, online gambling enthusiasts can use it for iGaming. Using cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals at participating online casinos and online bookmakers. 

Think what you want about digital currencies but they are now a significant part of the global economy, and their legitimacy has been proved time and time again. Bitfinex is a good option for people looking to get into the game of cryptocurrencies as the platform is straightforward to use and is protected by the latest in cybersecurity encryption technologies. 

How it Works

To get started with Bitfinex, users must first open an account. Users should know that due to the popularity of Bitfinex, verification of one's account is backed-up and takes between 6-8 weeks. The site is not an eWallet and users that do not use their funds held therein could be charged with inactivity fees in the future so be sure to take this into consideration. To fund one's Bitfinex account, credit cards or more advanced eWallets may be used. Say you deposit $100 into your online account, you'll be able to buy your preferred currency for that same amount. 

Once registered and confirmed, users will be able to make instant transactions that are free of charge, can be made anywhere in the entire world, remain anonymous, and, enjoy some of the highest levels of security to be found by any digital currency facilitator. 


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