More and more French casino sites are working with be2bill to streamline their payment systems and improve customer service.

be2bill is a French payment provider that adopts a philosophy described as the “Art of payment”. For clients who work with be2bill, they are promised a next-gen payment service that can raise their sales.

Online payments can be frustrating for consumers, with be2bill saying that two thirds will abandon a transaction if they encounter issues, while 59% will not complete a transaction if their payment method is not available.

Major Payment Methods Accepted

This realisation inspired be2bill to create a simpler payment system that clients could use to better satisfy their customers. In doing so, be2bill has been designed to offer a wide range of major payment methods.

When it comes to credit cards, a client can accept payments made by CB, American Express, VISA, and MasterCard. Then come web-based alternatives like PayPal,, and iDeal, which are widely accepted by online casinos.

Desktop and Mobile

be2bill is also equipped to complete transactions through varied platforms. Customers can use standard desktop devices for their e-commerce needs, but they also have the option to go mobile through a safe and simplified app to complete their payments.

By accepting many different payment methods, be2bill has become a trusted financial partner of licensed French casino sites. Considering that development only began in October 2010, be2bill is already making major strides in its development.