Bank Wire Transfer

There is no doubt that this is the safest, and most reliable payments processing option

Online casino players can employ the use of Bank Wire transfer services for deposits and withdrawals at their favourite online casinos.

This payment processing method ranks as the safest and most reliable means of transferring funds to personal casino accounts, and withdrawing funds from these accounts.

It is readily available at myriad participating online casinos including the likes of Slots of Vegas Casino, Club USA Casino, Spin Palace Casino, Betfair Casino, and EU Casino. Bank wire transfers are available at a wide range of online bingo rooms, online poker rooms and bookmakers too.

Online gaming patrons who are skeptical about e-Wallets and other payments processors, tend to respect bank wires. That's because they are readily available through established banking institutions.

This payment processing method is regularly punted by casino operators, by way of extra bonus offers available to players who use it.

Players can also withdraw funds from their online casino accounts by way of bank wire transfers. A vast network is covered by this payments method including the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Australasia and even the United States of America.

Bank Wire Transfers for Online Casinos

Online casino players simply need to approach their banks, complete a form and begin the process of bank wire transfers. It's that easy.

There is no doubt that this is the safest, and most reliable payments processing option. Better yet, the bank wire option does not require online casino players to have access to debit cards or credit cards.

Players who are a little bit skeptical about using e-Wallets will find comfort in bank wire transfers. And because these types of financial transactions are validated by the banks themselves, there are multiple checks and balances to ensure that everything is above board. Payments processing via this method is like being in the express lane of deposits and withdrawals.

How Bank Wires Work

The online casino player would typically approach his/her bank and request money to be sent via bank transfer to the online casino in question. All the financial details are furnished by the player, including the amount to be transferred, the recipient of the funds, the IBAN and BIC codes etc.

This way, the bank knows precisely where the money is being sent and it can be tracked until it is received. A secure message known as a Swift message will be sent to the receiving bank, requesting that payment is made.

The wire transfers need to be validated, and verified by the recipient (the online casino) prior to the funds being available to the player. This process may take a few days, but it is still the safest and most trusted means of effecting payment.