Asia's preferred payment method for protection against identity theft.

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Designed for the Asian market, Asia365 is a very popular form of online payment for many Chinese, Korean and Japanese players. It is one of the most secure and safest payment methods available, and can be used for general e-commerce at online shops, in addition to online casinos.

How Asia365 works

Signing up is easy – the user creates a username and password, and then states the source of funding for their Asia365 account. This can be a bank account, a credit card or even a money transfer. Once the account is set up, it is just a 1 step process to perform your casino payments – all you have to do is login with your username and password and the amount you want to deposit.  Of course, you can also collect money with Asia365.

Benefits and Disadvantages

One of the reasons why Asia365 has been gaining such a strong foothold in the Asian market is that the user’s banking details are never exposed in the transactions. This prevents identity theft and fraud and protects users from phishing scams. While there are Asian e-gaming regulatory bodies that oversee the booming online gaming industry, they mostly deal with financial practices and are not actively engaged in consumer protection.

Some users have complained that the withdrawal process is rather long – some customers may have to wait a few days before they receive their winnings. However, it seems that most players do not mind this drawback in exchange for the high level of security they receive in their money transfers. It appears that Asia365 has met a crucial need for many Asian gamers who are concerned with fraud and seeking to protect themselves.

Catering to the Asian market, Asia365 is available in all the major Asian languages and operates in the local currencies. Due to its growing popularity, Asia365 is also becoming available at online casinos outside of Asia.