When customers of the bank  request a voucher from their existing bank account, the funds are credited within five minutes...

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Abaqoos started its operations in 2006 and currently holds thousands of satisfied customers. It's considered that Abaqoos has been derived from the Latin word Abacus which happened to be a calculating device used in China and Middle East years ago. The two basic services offered by Abaqoos for online transactions almost fit anybody’s needs.

The wallet accounts, specifically for OTPdirekt customers are the first service by Abaqoos. The customers have to open an account with OTP bank and load their e – wallet to use it from anywhere. The e –wallet can be operated over the phone, the internet or mobile banking services.

The account holders have to contact the bank to fund their wallet by making deposits to the wallet. The e-wallet services are available to the customers 24/7 in real time without any additional charges. When the users have an e - wallet, they don’t need to repeat the signing up process and pay using their e-wallet to all websites that accept Abaqoos as one of their payment methods.

The second method can be used by anyone whether they have OTP Bank account or not. This is called voucher method and can be used to make the transaction to any website or online retailer who accepts Abaqoo. This service is also free of charges for the customers.

You can sign up for a voucher for online transaction, but it should be kept in mind that the voucher is meant for only a single merchant and doesn’t operate like the e-wallets at all. Once the signing up for the voucher is complete, you need to deposit the amount to any financial institutions under OTP Banks umbrella. The OTP Bank umbrella includes CIB Bank, Erste Bank branches, KH Bank and OTP Bank branches.

After the deposits are accepted by the bank, it is credited against the particular voucher for use. When the customers of the bank internally request a voucher from their existing bank account, the funds are credited within five minutes. The vouchers for particular merchants can be used any time for making payments to that merchant and if more vouchers are needed for others, they can be obtained without any fee.

The online transaction is very easy process and can be transferred within a few minutes. The wallet of the customers can be funded anytime and from 24 / 7 and used to provide the much-needed flexibility. However, the voucher requires to personally depositing funds in any OTP umbrella bank or wired transfer to them.

The customers can use the service by making a phone call or access the Abaqoos website. The users can avail the customer services from the participating banks or the directly accessing Abaqoos website. Any kind of account-related problems can be resolved by sending email directly to Abaqoos .

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