Anti Spam Policy

We hate spam – and that is why we will never:

 Spam is prevalent. A mere look at your email inbox would tell you that much. But not here! i-Online-Casinos is strictly and firmly opposed to any spam and other invasive practices. Although we are a commercial business, we are here to serve you, and never push any of our products or services.

We require no personal information of yours, and any such information provided would never be used for harmful practices by us or any third party. Furthermore, we keep the site itself spam-free, with no pop-ups or other annoying practices associated with pushy advertising.
With us you are in good hands.

• Use popup or browsers windows manipulations.

• Send spam emails you never asked to receive.

• Use annoying flashing banners you can’t avoid.

• Use any malicious software or virus or script.

• Gather information about you without you knowing it.

• Share your private information.

• Affiliate or recommend on site that violates any of these guidelines.